Sandwich Monthly meeting cordially invites you to join us for worship.

Our cherished 1810 Quaker Meetinghouse in East Sandwich is in the process of historic restoration this summer. Gagnon Construction, Sandwich, is installing a new red cedar shingle roof, and Heritage Restoration, Providence, is making repairs, painting all the trim, and restoring all of the original window sash. A grant from the Town of Sandwich, Community Preservation Act, along with gifts from our community are funding the restoration. Gifts to East Sandwich Friends Meeting for the Meetinghouse Preservation Fund help with the ongoing restoration and upkeep of this precious historic building, and will be gratefully accepted. Thank you.

Please click HERE to read our appeal to support the restoration of our historic East Sandwich Meetinghouse.

You can click HERE to plege your support for the Meethinghouse.

It is the oldest, continuously organized, monthly meeting of the Religious Society of Friends - Quakers - in the United States.

Sandwich Monthly Meeting consists of three Preparative Meetings and a Worship Group.

  • Upper Cape - West Falmouth
  • Mid-Cape - East Sandwich
  • Lower Cape - Yarmouth
  • Outer Cape - Lower Cape Worship Group

All three Meetings meet for worship on First Day - Sunday - at 10:00 a.m.

The Lower Cape Worship Group meets on Tuesday from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Children Program - First-Day School are held at Yarmouth and West Falmouth
- 10:00 a.m. - every Sunday of the Month. Adults are welcome

West Falmouth offers the Quaker House, a quiet setting for retreats, workshops, family gatherings and traveling Friends (See flyer)

All 3 Prepatory Meetings are unprogrammed.

If you need help understanding unprogrammed Quaker worship please read Quakers and Worship, and the article "Silence and Speech". These should help you to understand Quaker Worship.

Sandwich Monthly Meeting is part of Sandwich Quarterly Meeting and New England Yearly