Scrimshaw Designs

About the Artists

         Barry Simon is an award-winning scrimshander whose great-grandfather was a whaler out of New Bedford and a scrimshander as well. While he still does an occasional authentic scrimshaw piece on commission, he now focuses more on preserving and popularizing the art of scrimshaw by using the finely etched look, and nautical scenes, on more modern and affordable materials. These include laminated paper bookmarks, resin ("reproduction scrimshaw") bookmarks, cards, cloth bags, and t-shirts with scenes of ships, whales, lighthouses and mermaids. His wife Patty joins him in designing, printing, and silkscreening for their family business, Scrimshaw Designs. They both enjoy creating and customizing new designs in this traditional New England style, and are committed to donating a portion of their profits to whale and lighthouse preservation organizations.

         Barry and Patty are also musicians who play hammered dulcimer and flute, respectively, both as a duo and in a four-piece band. They play an eclectic variety of music, from classical to folk to original pieces, in unique and fresh arrangements. They have two CDs available for sale, with more to be released soon.











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